Monday, September 16, 2013

Adventures in photography, braving the elements...

By no means, do I consider myself a professional photographer.  I'm a girl in love with her "fancy camera" that is still wading through the automatic settings.  We create so many fun things, it's important to document it (and get good pictures to show everyone in case they happen to love fun and unique things like girly ninjas and retro Star Wars too).  Some days it just seems the odds are against me.  You'd think in the land of heat and sun, taking pictures with natural light would be a piece of cake.  Not the case.  We have a lovely time of hear her in Las Vegas called monsoon season and high temps, high humidity and high levels of rain fall come with it.  Normally it lasts a week or two, but we got 20 out of 23 days of rain in the past month!!!  Working full time, mom to 2 busy kids and helping Ali in  making PLP totally awesome means opportunities for photo shoots can be limited.  Now don't get out our kleenex and cry for me just yet (I'm squeezing those lemons as we speak and the lemonade will be fab).

HOWEVER, putting aside the perils of trying to document our PLP adventure and do product shoots before shipping deadlines while dodging torrential downpours, we get the benefits of the MOST AMAZING clouds and sunsets.  The kind that make you remember what it's all about.  Of course the fancy camera is never on hand for these, but my handy dandy cell phone camera has documented several lately that I wanted to share with you all :)

So as our business grows, our priorities and schedules shift, but it's always nice to remember to stop and smell the roses, or in my case, pull over and take pictures of the pretty clouds with my cell phone.


All over clouds with sun beams shining through

Cheetah print clouds

The mountain is on fire looking clouds

Jaw hit the floor beautiful clouds

and little white fluffy clouds

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