Saturday, January 4, 2014

I knew a girl back home named Annamae

The world of Japanese Animation aka Anime is not one I am too familiar with. However, thanks to the fabulous Ali and also to the front row seat I had to the chaos and fun that was Otakon (anime convention), I've grown a real appreciation for it.

I know who Sailor Moon is and I recognize Pokemon, but for the most part I felt pretty alien in this world of Anime. What had captured my curiosity is the art. I'm completely mesmerized by the fan art and intricate costumes that were highlighted at Otakon. Truly beautiful work. You can really see the love and dedication of these fans as they are fully immersed in this colorful fantasy world.

So although I may not be considered a fan of the cartoons themselves, I am truly an admirer of the fans and their supreme creativity.  And possibly inspired to create some new birthday themes relating to the subject!!!