Saturday, April 13, 2013

It's All Up To You Now!

Hello My Little Pretties!!

I hope everyone is having fun helping us celebrate our Grand Opening.
Let's congratulate our Week 3 Winner...


Brandy won a set of invitations and matching thank you cards. I love making the invitations and thank you cards. It's probably my favorite part because the invitations set the tone for your party and thank you cards are the final part to seal the deal for the best party ever!!

Now it's been a busy couple of weeks so out normal Wednesday blogs have been skipped, but I promise they will return after the Grand Opening with more party tips and tricks to come!!

Here are a couple of Pics of some of our winners from both the Grand Opening celebrations and a few other giveaways that we have participated in.

 (Yes! That is a Puppy Banner!)


Week 4 is all about the Grand Prize Drawing!

One lucky winner will received a 100% personalized Party Pack. However the value and specific pack won will be determined by the total number of “likes” reached on the PLPLV Facebook page at the end of the giveaway. So that is where YOU come in! The more you share our page and the more likes we have on Friday at the end of the contest, the BIGGER the prize will be!!

350 Likes on Facebook, PLPLV will award One Essentials Pack ($65 Value)
400 Likes on Facebook, PLPLV will award One Embellishments Pack ($95 Value)
500 Likes on Facebook, PLPLV will award One Epic Pack ($175 Value)
1000 Likes on Facebook, PLPLV will award One First Prize as an Epic Pack, One Second Prize as an Embellishments Pack and One Third Prize as an Essentials Pack.


You can enter the drawing below!

Good luck again to everyone and we will promise to get back to blogging about parties very soon! Thank you so much for your support! We are very grateful to have each of you at our party!


Friday, April 5, 2013

Winner!! Week 3!!! Getting Closer &Closer to the Grand Prize!!

Congratulations to the Winner of Our Week 2 Giveaway!


I wish all of you could be winners, so that is why we have ANOTHER giveaway starting now!

a Rafflecopter giveaway
Mobile Link:

Best of Luck To Everyone This Week!
A & E

PS - Don't forget to share our page! The more likes we get on FB the BIGGER the Grand Prize will be at the end of Week 4!