Sunday, June 30, 2013

It's been a while, huh?


Well the good news is that we have been super busy creating and hosting birthday parties!! The bad news is that the blog has suffered. :-( but I'm gonna make it up to you! I've got an exciting announcement and its something I've been working very hard on for you!!

So you know how I made the mistake of starting a birthday tradition where my daughter dresses in the theme of her party? Well I would like to make it possible for one of you to do that!! 

Pretty Little Parties, together with Vintage Flower Farm, Chunky Monkey & LillyBelle's Closet, is hosting a GIANT BIRTHDAY PARTY GIVEAWAY!!!  

The winner will receive a fully themed party pack and a matching dress, a chunky necklace and a headband or hair clip!!

Here is an example of what your next party could look like:

Of course the winner can choose any theme and colors they would like!! 

Now head over HERE to enter! 
All you have to do is submit the form, but there is a catch so make sure to read all of the Terms & Conditions so that you don't disqualify yourself!!

If there are any questions about how it works, just email me at!

Hugs, Much Love & Good luck to everyone!!!

PS- I know this is a super girly giveaway, so if all goes well I will set up a very boy version too!!