Saturday, July 6, 2013

Pretty Little Vendors

Hello Party People!!!

I hope everyone is having a great time with the Party in Style! Giveaway! I know us vendors are...we all have a very competitive streak!

I wanted to take a minute to introduce those you who don't already know and love them to the Vendors that are participating in the giveaway. They are all amazing and I personally have at least one thing from each of them for my daughter. I will definitely be supporting them more as time goes by!

Here they are in alphabetical order (don't want anyone to think I'm playing favorites;-P):

Love love love loooooove all of her necklaces! Having started out with chunky necklaces and bracelets, she also offers several other products! She is always playing games and running special offers for her fans so make sure to keep in touch with her to see what is next and get yourself a great deal!

In our house we have three items from her. First was a Very Blingy Peeps Bunny necklace for myself (I needed to splurge! Heehee). Then my daughter saw a Rainbow Dash necklace and fell in love so I surprised her with one & a matching bracelet for her birthday. Now we have an open order for my mom aka Nana! When I can get my daughter to finish her picture of Nana, Miss Chunky Monkey will be making us a custom pendant featuring my daughter's art work! (Yes, I know... It's almost ready! I swear it!)

I met Miss LBC through her 1K Fan giveaway.... Goodness that was a while back! We decided to put our skills together and help each other out! I made product tags and Thank You/Care Instructions for her while she made my daughter the most AWESOME Super Hero Dress! I kid you not, I get compliments wherever we go when my girl is in that dress! 

Make sure to keep an eye out on her page for flash sales and new products! I'm personally dying to get my hands on one of those Paris Party dresses that Miss LBC has donated for this giveaway!! Although she does offer limited custom designs (and it's totally worth getting on a waiting list for exactly what you want), there is always adorable stuff popping up in her flash sales!

My mom (Nana) introduced me to Miss VFF last Christmas and its been downhill ever since!!  I am completely addicted!! I even had her make me a headband influenced by my daughter's party theme! We are currently up to 12 headbands! 

Not only can does she make adorable stuff for little ones, but her custom wedding collection is stunning! While there are a bunch of headband vendors out there, Miss VFF takes extra special care of ones she creates. The quality is amazing and the price is perfect! Almost weekly sales on her page keep you on your toes because most of it is one of a kind, so things go quickly! I've lost out on a few because I came into the sale 10 minutes late! Yikes! 


I hope everyone takes a moment to checkout the work and products that each of the wonderful ladies has to offer.  Remember that even if you aren't the winner of our amazing giveaway, we are always willing to work together to create a perfectly themed party!

Just as a reminder....
Here is an example of what your next party could look like:
Head over HERE to enter! 


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