Saturday, June 6, 2015

Who doesn't just love a good challenge?!?!?

I LOVE a good challenge! Give me a puzzle and I will make it work! So when I saw the invitation to join a group of  crafting bloggers who do a "Mystery Craft Challenge"... I knew I had found the perfect group for me!

The theme for this round was Moments and People Throughout History.
Anne Jacobs of Sofilantjes assigned me with "The Moon Landing" and I couldn't have been more excited!

The trick for me was to figure out how exactly to get this challenge to mesh with Pretty Little Parties. With costuming as my primary background and one of my first sewing loves, it seemed to obvious to make a Vintage Space Suit costume. However, with it being a challenge I knew I needed to think outside the box. Time to do some research and put my thinking cap on!

The 1960's was an amazing time for Space Exploration. To reach for the stars was one of Man's greatest accomplishments of the 20th Century. Children went from playing Cowboys and Indians to playing Astronauts and Aliens. It became a national pastime to gather around the television and watch the next Space Mission take flight! Everyone around the World was anxious to see who would be the frist to land and walk on the moon.

On July 16, 1969, the Apollo 11 launched from the Kennedy Space Center. Just four days later, Neil Armstrong would become the first man to set foot on the Moon. Imagine the awe and excitement that was created in children's hearts and souls! A new hero was born! Many more have come along since then and Space Exploration has changed quite a bit, but the idea that someday we will all be traveling in space has never ceased to create wonder and amazement in children. "Never Give Up! Never Surrender!" - Dr. Lazarus, Galaxy Quest

Every day play is a natural part of childhood. As children we have crazy creative imaginations! We don't always have the exact outfit to dress up in and play our favorite role playing activities. We look at what we have and throw something together! As long as we are having fun, it doesn't matter!

So how does this translate to Pretty Little Parties? It occurred to me that the things that would get the most use from a matching party outfit would be something that could be worn again later. So every day play clothes for a Future Astronaut would be just the thing!!!

Silver & Grey became my colors of focus for this project. 

I wanted a Hooded Sweatshirt that could slip on easily to start with. I chose to use Peek-a-boo Pattern Shops Boardwalk Henley & Hoodie because I liked the way the hoodie snapped around the head more like a space helmet would.

Next was what to do with the bottom. I knew that I wanted to have both boy and girl versions available, but with being short on time (darn me for not being able to say NO!), I was only able to make something for a girl, but I will share my boy option in a moment. My daughter loves skirts and dresses, so I chose Create Kids Couture's Brewster's Bubble Pocket Skirt. It was comfy and easy to put on!

The combination made for the perfect Space Girl outfit! My daughter practiced her anti-gravity walk this morning in it! More pics to come later!

Now for a boy's option, I would use the same top, but would suggest Rabbit Rabbit Creations Weekend Pants. I hope to update this eventually with pictures of what this looks like.

Now to come full circle and bring you back to the party world... these could both be paired up with either one of these party themes!

This has been such a blast to work along side such creative and talented bloggers! Thank you for letting me be a part of this!

"TO INFINITY AND BEYOND!" - Buzz Lightyear, Toy Story

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Wednesday, May 20, 2015

Welcome Back!!

Well... Sort of! Haha! It's been over a year since we posted to this blog but that doesn't mean we have gone anywhere. We got so busy creating things for Pretty Little Parties that we didn't have time to focus on the blog.

Now let's get back to the PARTY!! Don't remember who we are? That's ok!

PS- Be sure to read all the way to the bottom!!

Who we are & how we started
Pretty Little Parties was Co-Founded by Ali Hamper and Erin Gilday as a solution to cookie cutter birthday parties. There is nothing wrong with a cookie cutter party! There is nothing wrong with going to the store and picking out the pre-made pack of invitations and decorations. There is nothing wrong with a store bought cake! However, for just a smidgen more you can have something unique and personal! THAT is what Pretty Little Parties is all about!

I am Ali: a mother of one very precocious almost 7 going on 17 year old daughter and a wife of 13+ years. As a wedding planner for over a decade, I have put together thousands of weddings. Weddings are the coming out parties of your 20's & 30's. After my daughter was born, I took my love of wedding planning and focused it on her birthday parties. (But I still do weddings!) Unfortunately once a year just doesn't cut it for me! I have a million and one ideas, but only one child to bestow my genius on! So I started helping friends with their ideas and now I want to help everyone else too! Erin is my "other half" and I cannot imagine doing this without her!

I am Erin: mom to two very smart and busy kids, a decrepit talking cat and the worlds best dog.  I am also a happy wife to my awesome husband.  I'm fully convinced that "professional crafter" has always been my calling.  The need to create has led me from co-owning and running a deli, to designing and creating a custom children's clothing line and on to weddings.  While weddings have been my passion (obsession) for the past 9 years, planning birthday parties and showers has become my new love and creative outlet.  One that I share with Ali (along with the other half of my brain).

"What kind of services and products does Pretty Little Parties offer?" We are glad you asked! We have created several different "party pack" structures to help maximize your budgets and to fit your needs.  Premiere Little Parties is the division of services where we do it all! We can design a custom pack, do the set-up and break down and dot the i's and cross the t's.  This is a service we offer locally (Las Vegas/Henderson area).  Contact us for details.

"Where can I buy one of your Party Packs"
Normally we have several listings on Etsy at all times for made-to-order packages.  We can also make custom sets, just send us an email to get the ball rolling.  

"Do I have to pick from the themes you have pictured/listed"
NO!!!!! Our favorite saying is "if you can dream it, we can do it".  What is a mom to do when their little darling NEEDS a rainbow-transformer train birthday party???  It definitely can't be found in one of those big party supply stores or websites.  That's where we come in!!!  The more unique the better in our book.  

"I like 3/4 of what is included in one of the packs, but there are also a few things I would like to add"
No problem-o.  We have a list of a la carte items to help you create a unique experience for your unique kiddo.  

"How did you two become so totally awesome"
It's been rumored that we were born with glue guns in our hands... Others whisper that Martha Stewart is our fairy godmother...  The truth is we were born this way, but only God and our mother's know for sure if it wasn't actually a result of alien abduction and a giant vat of glitter!  
"I think I saw something similar on Etsy/Ebay/Pinterest, but it had to be downloaded/printed/cut/glued and put together.  Is that what you are selling?"
NO NO NO!  You pick it, we do it.  We design, create and put it all together before shipping.  All that is left is set-up and enjoyment.  Although there are a few sets that have been listed as "Print Yourself" for those that prefer to go that route too!

"How do I place an order?"
You can visit our Etsy store PrettyLilPartiesLV or contact us directly through email

"This is all cute and nice, but I'm a coupon kind of mom.  Can you help a sister out?"
Yup yup!  Check with our blog, facebook page or etsy shop for contests, giveaways, coupons and specials. In fact, here is a code good for 10% off in our Etsy Shop .... use BLOG2015 at check out! Discount good through 8-31-2015.

"ok, I've purchased your set and sent out the invitations. Now what? What food do I serve? What games do I play? HELP!"
Never fear!! Pinterest is here! We have several boards for our party themes that will help you get ideas for actually hosting your celebration! 

Now that you've gotten to know us a little bit, please check back often and follow along so you can keep up with the party!!! 

Ali & Erin

Now leave us a comment below with your favorite birthday memory for a chance to win a $25 Shop Credit!!